Protibadi App


A Tizen OS based mobile app and IoT for seeking help against harassment

(platform: Tizen OS, Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Z1)

A Tizen OS based open source mobile app and IoT for seeking help against harassment

Application Workflow

  • Wearable (wrist) device to monitor and send harassment signal to phone
  • Victim presses button to send harassment alert
  • The wearable device sends signal to phone via bluetooth
  • The service application of the phone receives the signal and initiates alert system
  • The app collects location data and sends the location and timing via Email to special contacts of the user (victim)
  • The app also sends SMS to the special contacts with location information
  • It records audio and captures picture via front and rear camera of the phone and sends them via email to special contacts

Technical Manual

How to use it:

  • Pre-requisites
  • An active SIM card should be kept inserted into the phone.
  • The cellular account must have sufficient balance for successfully sending SMS.
  • Location service of the phone should be turned on.
  • For successfully sending email, an email account should be registered with the default email app.
  • Several numbers and email addresses added in the default Contacts app; Those numbers and emails will be used to send help message in this current version of Protibadi.
  • Running the app
  • Launch Protibadi BT.
  • Press Enable receiver button. It will then start receiving Bluetooth signal from the signal sender
  • Pressing Ask for help button will immediately trigger the app to send Help message and email without waiting for Bluetooth signal.
  • SMS will be sent containing the current Longitude and Latitude of user.
  • Email will be sent containing an embedded Google map link with the current location of user.
  • If you don't have the Bluetooth signal sender device
  • Download ArduDroid in an Android phone.
  • In the source code (Protibadi - BT/src/user_callbacks.c) , edit the following line (715) and add your Android phone's Bluetooth MAC address in the place of "20:14....." -
const char *remote_server_address = "20:14:10:29:02:66"; //comment this line
const char *remote_server_address = "your:phone's:MAC:address"; //add this line
  • Pair your Tizen phone with Android phone.
  • Launch ArduDroid and press connect me to a Bluetooth device from menu and select your Tizen phone from the list.
  • Launch Protibadi BT and in your Android Write 'l' (small l) and press the Send data button at least 10 times (10 is for ensuring noise less signal, it can be changed)

Build manual- For the current version, receiver and processor are two different stand alone apps

  • At first build and install the Protibadi - Processor project.
  • Then, build and install the Protibadi - BT project.

Developers have re-used some fragments of codes from following sources-


  1. @asimuzzaman
  2. @farahowo